After Kim Jong il

UPDATE:  The full transcript of Mr. Kim’s presentation at the Brookings Institution has been posted to the Brookings web page in PDF format here.

ORIGINAL POST: Kim Kwang Jin’s  curriculum vitae is one of the more interesting I have seen.  He received a bachelor’s degree in English from the Pyongyang Foreign Language Institute and a degree in British literature from Kim Il Sung University.  His work experience includes time spent on a Three Revolution Work Team, a professorship at Pyongyang Computer College, and finally posts at the DPRK’s Foreign Trade Bank and the Korean Foreign Insurance Company.  At the Korean Foreign Insurance Comany, Mr. Kim’s job performance garnered international headlines (here and here) .

Today Mr. Kim is a fellow at the US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea where he has written a paper on potential scenarios that might emerge in a post-Kim Jong il DPRK. This paper draws on Mr. Kim’s unique knowledge of the relevant actors and political institutions — as well as a thorough understanding of DPRK culture — to assess the viability of competing visions of the DPRK’s future.

US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea has given me permission to post a PDF of the paper below for you to download:

After Kim Jong-Il:
Can We Hope for Better Human Rights Protection?
Kim Kwang Jin
October 2009
(Click here to download PDF)


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    That was a great read, very informative.