North Korea events in DC this week

This week is “North Korea Freedom Week” in DC, and there will be many North Korea-related events around town.  Though I have no relationship with this program, I plan on attending two of the events which I have listed below.  If you are interested in attending also, please RSVP.

Wednesday, April 29 (10:00am-12:00)
Panel Session Focusing on Survey of North Korean Refugees
Featuring: Marcus Noland, Ambassador Jhe Seong So, and former DPRK Colonel Choi Joo Hwal
Summaries, presentations, audio, and visual materials here

Thursday, April 30 (6:30-8:30pm)
Crossing Over: A Dialogue with North Korean Refugees
Featuring: Kim Young-il, Refugee & Executive Director of PSCORE (People for Successful Corean Reunification); Han Young-jin: Refugee & Reporter at Radio Free Asia; and
Laura Elizabeth Pohl: Freelance photojournalist and former foreign correspondent in Seoul.
Host: Ana Jang and the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, GPPI IPD Track, GU Korean Student Society, PSCORE
Location: Georgetown University,
Carbarn Building, 4th floor student lounge,
3520 Prospect Street, N.W.
Especially for Georgetown community, but open to the public.
Contact: [email protected]


5 Responses to “North Korea events in DC this week”

  1. Michael Madden says:

    I miss all the good stuff. Please tell me these events will be recorded in some way. Are there no former Grateful Dead fans, to surreptitiously record these events, among my brethren DPRK researchers in the DC-area?

  2. ana says:

    Hi, Michael,
    The thursday event will be recorded (video) and will be posted at after a few weeks of the event.

  3. Michael Madden says:

    A canonical recording, then? Thank you, Ana. I look forward to watching it.

  4. Michael Madden says:

    Who knew one could get gifts on May Day? Thank you.