Kim Jong il nominated to run for SPA

UPDATE: From the Institute for Far Eastern Studies:

The 12th election of representatives for the North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly, scheduled for March 8, and the opening of the session of the 12th SPA, expected to occur in late March or early April, will mark the launch of the third government under Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il was elected to his current position of NDC chairman by 10th SPA in 1998, and was reelected in 2003 by the 12th SPA. In those cases, as well, the Constituency No. 333 announced his nomination. It is expected that all other election constituencies across the country will begin holding celebratory events for Kim soon in order to disseminate propaganda portraying Kim as the representative for all the North Korean people.

Over at One Free Korea, Joshua points out KCNA’s gushing coverage of Kim Jong il’s nomination as a candidate in the upcoming elections for the Supreme People’s Assembly :

Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) — Upon hearing the news that General Secretary Kim Jong Il was nominated as a candidate for deputy to the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly at Constituency No. 333, the entire army and people are full of great happiness and pride of having the peerlessly great man as the leader of the nation.

Anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter Hwang Sun Hui said that the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters were very happy to hear the news. She went on:

A few days ago the officers and men of the People’s Army nominated Kim Jong Il as a candidate for deputy to the SPA with boundless reverence. This is the unanimous will and ardent desire of the entire people.

On receiving this happy news with the February 16, the greatest holiday of the nation, ahead, I can hardly repress the swelling emotion.

We anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters will uphold the leader’s plan of building a great, prosperous and powerful nation in the van of the people.

Vice-premier of the DPRK Cabinet Thae Jong Su, noting that having nominated Kim Jong Il as a candidate for deputy to the SPA this time again is the unanimous will of the entire army and people and a great auspicious event of the nation, said:

Kim Jong Il has been leading the Party and the revolution along one road of victory for scores of years, thus performing great feats which will remain immortal in the history of the country.

He is the peerlessly great man who has defended firmly and developed in depth President Kim Il Sung’s Juche-oriented idea and line on state building and demonstrated the dignity and might of the DPRK all over the world with his original Songun politics.

All the officers and men of the People’s Army and the people came to have as a firm faith through life that he is the destiny and future of our country and nation and the symbol of all the victories.

Needless to say, the coverage from Singapore is far more sober and satisfying:

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Il was Sunday nominated to run in next month’s parliamentary elections, a requirement if he to stay on as supreme army commander, a South Korean official said.

Elections for the rubber-stamp Supreme People’s Assembly should have been held last year, but did not go ahead amid reports that the 66-year-old Mr Kim suffered a stroke in August. They are now set for March 8.

He is legally required to be a lawmaker in order to be eligible to serve as chairman of the powerful National Defence Commission, which runs North Korea’s 1.1-million-strong army. It is in this capacity that Kim rules the country.

South Korean unification ministry spokesman Kim Ho-Nyoun told AFP that the North’s state television reported that Kim had been nominated to run in the 333th district for the polls.

Candidates are picked by either the government or the ruling communist party, and it is common for only one candidate to run for each electoral seat.

In the last elections in 2003, the North Korean media boasted a 99.9-percent voter turnout and 100-percent support for every candidate.

A new assembly usually reaffirms his chairmanship of the National Defence Commission, and brings a reshuffle of the cabinet and military leadership, the officials say.

Some analysts in Seoul have forecast the elections also may bring changes to North Korea’s leadership, in preparation for a post-Kim era.

Read the full story here:
NKorea’s Kim to run in polls
AFP via Stratits Times


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