Christian group smuggling radios into DPRK

Individuals and organizations who smuggle radios into the DPRK, whether for personal gain or for altruistic reasons, do not to attract attention to themselves.  This makes it difficult to determine just how many foreign-made radios can be operated, and by whom, in the DPRK.

This week, however, Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio announced that it will distribute 3,400 radios in the DPRK this year alone:

International Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio (TWR) confirmed Friday, November 7, that it has secretly distributed thousands of radio receivers in North Korea, one of the world’s most isolated Communist nations. 

“TWR already delivered 3,100 radio’s in recent months and the plan is to increase that number to 3,400 by the end of this year,”  said TWR-Netherlands from its headquarters in the Dutch town of Barneveld. “Radio is the only way for North Koreans to hear the Gospel.  However receivers sold in the country are only tuned to the state-run network,” TWR added.

TWR said it has set up a transmitter in the region to reach the people of North Korea with Christian programming and encourage underground churches. “Most Christians in North Korea are not able to share their faith with other believers openly, and are forced to worship in secret.”?

Who knows how many of these radios will end up in actual use, but this is just one organization in one year.  Is it plausible to believe that over 10,000 radios are smuggled into the DPRK in a year? Are there reasons to doubt or qualify these numbers?  Why would they announce this if it was true?

Christian Broadcaster Smuggles Radio’s To North Korea   
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2 Responses to “Christian group smuggling radios into DPRK”

  1. Lina says:

    Is the only goal of these people to spread Christianity? If so, kidna short-sighted of them!

  2. Justinoxxii says:

    I think you hit it right on the head, how many of these radios will end up in use? It is not out of the realm of possibility that the the group is unwittingly distributing it right to the DPRK government. I would speculate that this Christian group is hardly experts in international smuggling, but 3,400 is a nice fat number that sounds impressive despite its effectiveness. Is Transworld Radio interested in getting those radios into the hands of the oppressed or is Trans World satisfied with appearing to do so.

    Anyways all of it is just pure speculation on my part.