2 DPRK olympians test positive for doping

According to UPI:

The International Olympic Committee reported its first positive drug test involving a medal winner Friday at the Beijing Games.

Kim Jong-su of North Korea, who won silver in the men’s pistol competition and a bronze in the air pistol, tested positive for propanolol, a betablocker that limits trembling.

China’s Tan Zongliang was moved up from third to second in the pistol and fourth-place finisher Vladimir Isakov of Russia will receive the bronze in that event.

And sccording to RTE Sport Olympics:

A second North Korean shooter was disqualified from taking part in the Beijing Olympics because of doping, state media in South Korea said on Saturday.

Kim Hyun-woong, a pistol shooter, was kicked out of the Olympic team after test results showed positive for a banned substance, Yonhap news agency reported, quoting a South Korean official.

Read the full artocle below:
North Korean medal winner tests positive


One Response to “2 DPRK olympians test positive for doping”

  1. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Channel 4 News in the UK mentioned one of these cases (I can’t remember which one), but described the athlete simply as a ‘Korean’. I spotted that he was North Korean because they showed a photo of him wearing a tracksuit with the DPRK flag. Perhaps in China ‘Korean’ on its own usually means North Korean.

    P.S. UPI is owned by the Reverend Sun-Myung Moon’s Unification Church (the ‘Moonies’). The Rev. Moon has business interests in North Korea, despite being a fervent anti-communist. 🙂