North Korean film update

The Korean Film Council in Seoul analyzed North Korean films and TV dramas recorded between 2000 – 2006.  As discussed in an earlier post on this topic, initial findings indicate North Korean films made during this period differed tremedously over earlier years in that they portrayed real-life situations including husband-wife conflicts and generational differences (see A School Girl’s Diary).  

In the 1970s, films depicted the achievements of the two leaders. In the 1980s, works portrayed the happiness of citizens living in ‘our socialist society’.  The first kiss appeared in the 1980’s film, Snow Melting in the Springtime (봄날의 눈석이).  After Kim Il Sung’s death, films began to reemphasize the revolutionary tradition. The works focusing on the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il revolutionary achievements were produced in order to strengthen the spiritual training of citizens.   

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