DPRK remains on US list of state terror sponsors

Blurb from the Choson Ilbo:

The U.S. State Department in March every year releases a country report on global terrorism and state sponsors of terrorism in the previous year. The U.S. had considered striking North Korea from the list of state sponsors of terrorism early this year. But North Korea has missed a deadline to make a full declaration of its nuclear programs and stockpiles, as agreed on in six-nation talks.


One Response to “DPRK remains on US list of state terror sponsors”

  1. If something is a valid incentive to North Korea for good behaviour that might lead to solution of the nuclear issue, it is a complete, verifiable and irreversible security assurance given to Pyongyang by the United States against any military action.

    Broader diplomatic recognition and the rapid removal of the DPRK from the list of terrorism-supporting states are also urgent.

    Enhanced cooperation between North Korea and its closest neighbours (South Korea, China and Russia) in the production and distribution of energy, the coordinated development and usage of transport networks, and the joint exploration of natural resources would be desirable too.

    Without comprehensive engagement and cooperation, Washington has little or no leverage on the North. That makes any incentives or penalties meaningless.