Air Koryo fleet expanding

TU-204-300 touches down at a North Korean airport
(Hat tip to Mateusz)

A TU-204-300 has touched down at a North Korean airport in what became Russia’s first successful deal to supply its most advanced long-range jet abroad. With its 500-8500 flying range, the plane is capable of swiftly transforming its fuselage on the ground. The plane has already been making shuttle non-stop flights inside and outside Russia. North Korean flag Carrier Air Koryo has ordered the TU-204-300.

TU-204-300 with PS-90A engines is a mid-range passenger a/c is intended to carry passengers, luggage and cargo on domestic and international trunk routes of 500 to 8500 km distance . The airliner was built on the basis of TU-204-100 a/c and represents the continuation of TU-204/214 a/c family. TU-204-300 a/c performed its maiden flight 18 August, 2003. The aircraft is produced in series at “:Aviastar-SP” Closed Stock Company in Ulianovsk. Opposite to TU-204-100 the TU-204-300 a/c has a shortened fuselage (by 6 m) and increased fuel reserve. Set of equipment was updated. Improved comfort level of the cabin helps the passengers to withstand long flights. Maximal payload is cut down to 18000 kg at increased flight range.

Click here to get specs on all the planes in Air Koryo’s fleet (h/t DPRK Studies)


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