Any “Pitchers” in North Korea? Trends Sweep the Nation

Daily NK
Kim Min Se

In the mid-80’s, “Lim Kug Jung” a novel written by the famous North Korean writer Hong Myung Hee was produced into a 5 part movie series in North Korea.

Since then, throwing stones has become a craze amongst North Korean men who are fascinated at a character “Bea Dol Suk”, who was proficient in throwing stones. During the peak, youths in their teens would imitate particular scenes from the movie, setting the trend of throwing stones.

Youths in North Korea enjoy throwing stones as a pastime, including the writer of this report.

As friends gathered at the riverside, they would search the ground for flat smooth stones and compete to see who could make the stone jump the longest. If any sparrows were found, men would aim for the bird, imitating the character Bae Dol Suk from the movie.

Movies in North Korea have an enormous influence over the people. Just like Lim Kug Jung was popular, the movie “Order-027” which portrayed the marksmanship of young North Koreans, also set a fad in North Korea.

‘Order-027’ was set in the Korean War and revolves around a North Korean battalion whom acted as spies after breaking into South Korea and their attempt to defect back to North Korea. The movie depicts an idealistic battalion full of strategic tactics and power, showcasing soldiers to be grand revolutionists.

After the movie was telecasted, North Korean teenagers throughout the nation, would copy the scenes from the movie “Order-027.” In particular, North Korean men were mesmerized by soldiers throwing daggers and forks in the movie.

It seems that trends set by movies or TV is similar in both the North and the South.


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