Efficient Poultry Facilities Made


Efficient large-sized incubators and fowl pellet fodder machine have been manufactured in the DPRK, enjoying a great popularity. 

The newly-made incubator with capacity and incubation rate higher than the existing one is of great significance in intensifying the duckling production. 

It, which consists of hatching chamber, air-supplying apparatus, egg-rolling apparatus, damp-producer and air-cooler, deals with tens of thousands of eggs at a time. 

The air-supplying apparatus keeps the temperature and humidity even in the hatching chamber, and the egg-rolling apparatus is movable. 

The fowl pellet fodder machine makes different sizes of pellet fodder for mother ducks and ducklings. 

Assorted feed produced by the machine boosts the weight-increasing rate per unit of feed by 40 percent and the utility rate of feed by 13 percent compared with the previous one.


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