Rapport grows with fertilizer aid

Joong Ang Daily

North Korea yesterday asked for 300,000 tons of fertilizer in aid, the Unification Ministry said, days after the two Koreas agreed to resume humanitarian projects.

“Chang Chae-on, president of the North’s Red Cross, sent a fax message to his South Korean counterpart Han Wan-sang, requesting 300,000 tons of fertilizer and wanting to know how much and what type,” said Yang Chang-seok, a ministry spokesman.

Mr. Yang said the shipment will be sent to the North in late March or early April, after the details have been worked out.

Mr. Yang estimated the aid will cost 100 billion won. “The government earmarked 108 billion won for that purpose this year.”

The North has also asked for rice and Red Cross officials will discuss the resumption of rice aid during a new round of economic talks to be held in Pyongyang on April 18 to 21.


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