Japanese tax authorities crack down on DPRK aid

From the Donga:

The Japanese media reported on July 10 that the Japanese prosecutors and taxation authorities raided a private organization providing humanitarian assistance to North Korea and a construction company supporting the aid group.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors’ Office and the National Tax Agency searched an office of “Rainbow Bridge,” a private group in Tokyo.

The group was established to provide North Koreans with clothes, food, trucks and power generators free of charge in April, 2000. In 2003, the secretary-general of the group drew attention after he visited the Stalinist country, met six offspring of abducted Japanese citizens, and brought and gave their photos and letters to their parents who had arrived in Japan.

The search was reportedly part of an investigation into Mizutani, a construction company on suspicion of tax evasion.

With regard to reasons to support Rainbow Bridge, Mizutani explained to the investigation authorities they considered it as an investment needed to prepare business in North Korea.


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