Pastor aims to send rabbits to feed North Koreans


A South Korean pastor is aiming to cut into North Korea’s severe food shortage by sending the reclusive state 1.2 million rabbits to eat.

Cho Soon-tae from the Evangelical Movement for National Unification said rabbits are tasty, resilient and reproduce, well, like rabbits, which would make them an ideal food source for North Korea.

With the help of seven pastors from leading South Korean churches, Cho secured more than $1 million to buy rabbits at a little under $1 each in China and transport them to North Korea.

“They will be delivered to the North in August by train from China,” Cho said by telephone.

Cho said he had asked permission from South Korean authorities to ship the rabbits and was in talks with officials from the North seeking their permission.

The U.N. World Food Programme has said North Korea is in the midst of a severe food shortage that may quickly grow worse as food stocks and international aid dry up. Many of the country’s 22 million people rely on food aid.

Cho said he thought about how he could help alleviate food shortages in the North after a visit to a kindergarten there that was sparsely attended because of malnutrition among the students.

If all goes well, Cho is looking to send more rabbit aid.


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