Chinese tourists take day-long bus tour of Hoeryong

According to China Daily:

A one-day bus tour from the northeast China border city of Longjing to Hoeryong in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was launched on Tuesday.

The opening of the route will enable Chinese tourists to arrive in Hoeryong directly, without transferring to a DPRK vehicle at the port, according to Wang Jing, a government worker from Longjing in Jilin Province.

“This will save tourists a lot of time and facilitate the whole journey,” Wang said.

A total of 134 tourists joined the tour on the first day of the route opening.

The trip costs 580 yuan (94 US dollars) per tourist. Tourists can visit historical sites on the DPRK side, taste Korean delicacies and enjoy performances by DPRK artists.

China and the DPRK have in recent years witnessed booming border tourism on the back of multiple travel schemes aimed at boosting the regional economy.

The DPRK has opened several cities for group tours from China, including Rason, Namyang, Chongjin and Mount Kumgang. About 10,000 tourists from Yanbian, also in Jilin, visit the DPRK annually.

The process for for preparing Hoeryong for Chinese tourists has been underway for several years. Hoeryong’s “Food Avenue” was completed in 2010. Chinese tourists started showing up in 2012. Western tourists started showing up in 2013.

Just a few days ago, the Chinese and DPRK launched day-long bicycle tours of Namyang. Previously, Chinese tourists could only take day tours of Sinuiju (an experience that is now available to western tourists) and Rason.

UPDATE: Here is coverage in KCNA (2014-6-4):

One-day Bus Tour of Hoeryong by Chinese People

Pyongyang, June 3 (KCNA) — Chinese people made the first one-day bus tour of Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province, the DPRK.

After the tour, the Chinese tourists told that they were deeply impressed by their visit to the DPRK.
Jin Bo (male: 55), deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office in Yanbian Korean Nationality Autonomous

Prefecture, told as follows:

The one-day tour from Longjin to Hoeryong, China by Chinese bus helped the tourists deepen their friendly feelings towards the DPRK.

The tourism course was very excellent. Many tourists said that they felt as if they were in Pyongyang.

I think one-day tour of Hoeryong will be one of major attractions for Chinese in the near future.

Sha Chunxia (female: 44), a staff of Yanbian News, said:

I was deeply moved to see an art performance given by kindergarteners.

It was hardly believable that the five-or six-year old children could give such an excellent performance.

I have never thought of giving art education to my daughter.

The educational system in the DPRK is very admirable.

I want my daughter to be educated under such excellent system.

Later, I will come together with my daughter to see the performance.

Read the full story here:
China, DPRK border cities open one-day bus tour
China Daily


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