Hamhung’s (future) residential construction

I have previously posted about residential construction in the DPRK in Ryongchon (here) and Pyongyang (here and here).

Apparently Hamhung is on the government’s list of urban areas that need to be rebuilt. KCNA reported on May 2o:

After touring Hamhung City, [Kim Jong-il] examined a miniature of the city construction layout plan and other plans for the development of major economic fields in South Hamgyong Province and guided the work in this domain on the spot.

Underscoring the need to build Hamhung City under a long-term plan by thoroughly applying the socialist principle, the principle of popular character as it is the industrial city with a large number of workers, he specified the orientation and ways to do so.

Here is a photo of Kim Jong-il inspecting that very miniature mentioned in the KCNA piece.



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Here is a Google Earth satellite image of this same area as it appears today–taken from the same angle:


The ghost of Ceauşescu is lurking.  Who knows if they will ever get around to completing this task, but it is apparent they intend to remake Hamhung in the image of Kwangbok Street or Rakrang in Pyongyang.

Jane Jacobs is rolling in her grave.


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  1. Benoit says:

    [sarcasm] I am sure he is very competent to give guidance on how to build a city [/sarcasm]