Friday Fun: North Korean fashion

I watch a lot of North Korean television either by seeking out content or receiving it through friends.  I have decided to post some of it to YouTube (apologies to readers in China) so that I can blog about it.  This first clip is from North Korean television (this month) and the subject is women’s fashion.


Click on image to watch the 5 minute television show.

I am not a fashion critic, so let a thousand flowers bloom–but I should add that clothing lies within the portfolio of the KWP Light Industry Bureau which is controlled by Kim Jong-il’s sister.

UPDATE: This video was featured in an article on Radio Free Asia.  It has a lot more information.

While figuring out how to use YouTube I also stumbled on another discussion of North Korean fashion by Suk-young Kim, associate professor of theater and dance at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and author of Illusive Utopia: Theater, Film, and Everyday Performance in North Korea and translator of Long Road Home: Testimony of a North Korean Camp Survivor. See her discussion on Youtube by clicking on the image below.



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    I love to see these Korean fashion show. Korean fashionable clothes gives best look to women.