China to renew border rail link with N. Korea

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According to Yonhap:

China will mend a rail link between one of its border cities and a North Korean port, a source familiar with North Korean affairs said Sunday, a move that indicates stronger economic ties between the two allies.

North Korea and the municipal government of the Chinese city of Tumen, which borders the North, have recently agreed to repair the railway linking the city with North Korea’s northeastern port of Chongjin, the source said.

Additional Information: 

1. Above I have posted Google Earth images of the China-DPRK border area and a simple map of the DPRK’s North Eastern railway system.

2. Long-time readers will remember that Russia recently installed Russian-gague railway track from the North Korean border to the city of Rason (Rajin-Songbon). It looks like both Russia and China get their own ports in the DPRK.

3. Chongjin is also home to both Russian and Chinese consulates


3 Responses to “China to renew border rail link with N. Korea”

  1. Simon says:

    a webpage giving contact details for the Russian consulate in Chongjin can be found at they spell it ‘Chondjin’ for some reason, the Chinese for some reason prefer ‘Chongjing’. I’ve been to Chongjin a couple of times but never needed to call either of these places so can’t vouch for this info being up to date