Friday grab bag

North Korean defector poetry: I am personally not a big fan of poetry, but some poetry written by North Korean defectors has been translated into English and published.  Read it in Radio Free Asia.

North Korean Leadership Compounds: We have pretty much located all of the “easy to find” leadership complexes in North Korea on Google Earth.  However, not all of them are visible with high resolution imagery.  Here are a few I have recently taken care of:

1. Sinchon Compound (written about by Keji Fujimoto)


Click image for larger version

Download Google Earth overlay here.

2. Island getaway: For the leader who has everything


Click image for larger version

Download Google Earth overlay here.

3. Sugnam


Click image for larger version

Download Google Earth Overlay here

Eight Scenic Views of the Songun Era:

1. Sunrise over Mt. Paektu. (See here)

2. Snow Covered Tapak Sol guard post in Mangyongdae.  (See here – Actually not sure where the guard post is, but this is Mangyongdae)

3. Royal Azaleas on the Chol Pass. (See here)

4. Illuinated night view of the Jangja River in Kanggye. (See here)

5. Ulim Waterfall. (See here)

6. Rezoned Handre (Handure) Plain on the Unhung Cooperative Farm in Thaechon County. (See here)

7.  Potato flowers in Taehongdan. (See here)

8. Poman-ri fish farm. (See here)

A Song was even written about these places.


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