Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) update

The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology  (PUST) has launched a new web site (click here) featuring pictures of the campus nearing completion in Southern Pyongyang.  The university’s opening, however, is behind schedule—now planned for spring of 2009. 

According to an email from Norma H. Nichols, Director, International Academic Affairs Office, Yanbian University of Science & Technology, sent to the CanKor list:

I have been rather deeply involved in preparing for the new university [PUST] since its beginning stages. We did not open in May and we still cannot announce an opening this fall. We really do think it will happen, although we still do not have the desperately needed EAR from the US Commerce Dept. that would allow us to take in the equipment we think we need. –CanKor report #312

Click here to see the PUST campus (under construction) in Google Maps


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