Imperialists’ Crafty Method for Domination Blasted


A carrot approach being taken by the imperialists serves as a lever to carry out their appeasement strategy. This is a very crafty and wicked plot to create illusion about them by appeasing and deceiving their opponents in a bid to benumb their anti-imperialist spirit and completely disarm them ideologically and morally.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday observes this in a signed article.

It goes on:

The above-said approach may bring consequences as dangerous as open aggression by force of arms.

One should not interpret the above-said approach as a sort of change in the aggressive nature of the imperialists. The carrot approach of the imperialists which is bound to be accompanied by appeasement tactics and smiling diplomacy is designed to do harm to their opponents at a slow pace till they prove ineffective in face of their moves for domination and end up collapsing.

It is the aim sought by the imperialists in the above-said approach to create illusion about them and thus put other countries under the yoke of domination and subjugation and gratify their interests.

The imperialists, while acting an “apostle of peace” by abusing the wish of humankind for a peaceful free world, are craftily working to confuse the spirit of people and cause them to harbor illusion about imperialism.

They are intensifying economic domination and subjugation of other countries by such levers as “aid”, “cooperation” and “loan”.

This is eloquently proved by the reality of those countries which have been put under the yoke of political subjugation after receiving the “aid” and “loan” offered by the imperialists as a “kind gesture.”

There will be disastrous consequences for those countries which abandon their revolutionary principle and meet the imperialists’ demand, taken in by glossy words uttered by them as part of their appeasement policy. Worse still, their wrong behavior may lead to the loss of their sovereignty. All countries should, therefore, be vigilant against the imperialists’ carrot approach and should not be tempted by it under any circumstances.


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