North Korean emphasis on disaster risk prevention continues

Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein

It’s fully logical given the flooding season, but nonetheless interesting to note, that the emphasis on disaster management by the North Korean regime seems to continue. I’ve previously covered this issue at 38 North. A recent data point is this following article from Rodong Sinmun on July 13th:

More Measures Taken to Prevent Natural Disaster Damage in DPRK

An intensive campaign for minimizing damage by natural disaster in the rainy season is underway across the DPRK.

Cities and counties in South Hamgyong Province push ahead with reinforcing embankments and getting rid of dangerous factors.

They carried out an anti-landslide project and take due measures to protect roads, farmlands, dwelling houses and public buildings, while awakening the public to the importance of preventing damage by natural disasters.

North Hamgyong Province makes every effort to expand the capacities of water drainage facilities and ensure the security of the embankments by reinforcing all sections vulnerable to flood damage.

It has also made full preparations for concentrating manpower and means on minimizing damage in an emergency situation, while conducting real-time observation of precipitation and water level.

Kangwon Province has taken strong measures to protect generating equipment and hydraulic structures.

The hydro-power stations in the province recheck the conditions of floodgates and eliminate defects. In particular, they pay attention to protecting the generators and equipment of outdoor substations.

South Phyongan Province accelerates the reinforcement of tide-water control dykes while taking measures to promptly cope with any emergency situation as most of farmland is located near the shoreline.

(SourceRodong Sinmun, July 13, 2022.)



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