DPRK defectors in the USA

According to Arirang News:

It has emerged that five North Korean defectors entered the United States as refugees during the months of October and November.

A U.S. State Department report published on Monday shows the five individuals were admitted into the states of Colorado, Illinois and Utah.

Four North Korean refugees were admitted into the U.S in July.

The number of North Korean refugees allowed into the U.S. peaked in 2008 at 37 and has been on a downslide since then, recording just eight last year.

Since 2006, when North Korean nationals were first granted refugee status in the U.S., a total of one-hundred-91 have started new lives in the United States.

Read the full story here:
Five refugees from N. Korea entered U.S. in Oct. & Nov.: U.S. State Dept.
Arirang News


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