18th Pyongyang Spring Internaitonal Trade Fair

KCNA reports that the 18th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair has opened (2015-5-11):

The 18th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair opened with due ceremony at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House Monday.

Displayed at the venue of the fair are products presented by companies of the DPRK, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Cambodia, France, Poland, Australia, Italy, Indonesia, Viet Nam and Taipei of China.

Present at the ceremony were Vice-Premier Ro Tu Chol, Ri Ryong Nam, minister of External Economic Relations, officials concerned, delegations of different countries and regions, diplomatic envoys of different countries and embassy officials here.

An opening address was made by Pak Ung Sik, director of the Korean International Exhibition Corporation, to be followed by a congratulatory speech by O Ryong Chol, vice-minister of External Economic Relations.

The speakers said the fair is developing as an international economic event for boosting the economic and trade relations among different countries of the world and regions and promoting economic development.

They noted that during the fair the participants would witness for themselves achievements made by the Korean people in building a economic power and conduct multilateral scientific and technical exchange in various fields.

The participants will steadily boost cooperation in economy and trade on the principle of equality and mutual benefit in the days ahead, they noted.

The fair will last till May 14.

There was a side conference on the Wonsan – Mt. Kumgang Tourist Zone.

“Paekok”-trademarked Koryo Medicines were also on display.

KCNA also played up Russian involvement:

The 18th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair goes on in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with attendance of many home and foreign businesses.

Businessmen from various countries, including Russia, New Zealand, Germany and Malaysia, have expressed their will to strengthen the economic cooperation with the DPRK.

Boris Stupnitsky, president of the Primorsky Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zaytsev Dmitry of the Export Development Center of Primorsky Territory and Igor Agafonov, deputy representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, told KCNA at the fair:

We attach weight significance to the international trade fair in Pyongyang.

That’s why we are here at this fair with an unprecedentedly big delegation. Among the delegation are firms engaged in meat processing, construction and bean production.

Their intention is to develop Russia’s commercial relations with the DPRK through detailed survey of its trade situation.

We realized, through the autumn trade fair held here last year, that the DPRK has great potentials.

We have a long-term plan for economic cooperation with the DPRK and this vast plan will be carried into practice without fail. Next year more businessmen will come here from Russia.

The city of Pyongyang has undergone a radical change. The development speed of Pyongyang, beautiful and covered with green foliage, took us by surprise. This would have been unthinkable without the guidance of the leader of the DPRK, we dare say.

Here are two videos of the trade fair.

Here is coverage in NK News.


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