Sinphyong turns into tourism development zone

According to the Pyongyang Times (2014-3-11):

Korea has been renowned for scenic beauty of mountains and rivers and has lots of scenic spots named after Mt. Kumgang, a celebrated mountain with unsurpassed scenery.

Among them, there is the Sinphyong Kumgang Scenic Spot in Phyonghwa-ri of Sinphyong County, North Hwanghae Province. Sinphyong Kumgang has also been called Little Kumgang Mountain.

Since ancient times, the area has been dubbed Tohwa Valley, meaning a beautiful valley covered with peach blossoms.

It is surrounded by high and steep mountains in the heart of the Ahobiryong Mountains in the middle of the country.

Sinphyong Kumgang is characterized by the beautiful sights of gorges.

The narrow and long Tohwa Valley is flanked by successive gorges and there are 72 noted places.

Waterfalls, ponds and fantastic rocks are found everywhere.

The fauna and flora are diverse. There are good tree species, Panax schinseng, songi mushroom, wild edible greens, bear, roe deer, pheasant, woodpecker, carp, goldfish, catfish and minnow.

There are sites of such temples as Kwanjok and Kirum which offer a glimpse of the private life of ancient Buddhist monks.

Kumgang Sujong spring water gushing out from a place near the scenic spot is widely known to different countries for its virtue in enhancing the beauty of women.

In different places of the scenic attraction there are resting sites, pavilions, observation platforms, sites for shower bath, fish ponds and fountains. There are also tourist, sightseeing and mountaineering roads stretching for over 8 kilometres.

The North Hwanghae Provincial People’s Committee has a plan to establish a Sinphyong Tourist Development Zone in some parts of the scenic spot comprising the areas of Kumgang Waterfalls Valley, Big Bear Valley and Small Bear Valley. It will offer comprehensive tourist services.

The zone is some 600 metres above sea level on average, which is ideal for mountaineering and physical training and favourable to building a tourist resort.

It is free from pollution and eco-friendly and expected to cover an area of 8.1 square kilometres.

A modern hotel with accommodation for hundreds of tourists, a golf course and other service facilities will be built.

The zone is easy of access as it is located in the middle of the tourist road between Pyongyang and Wonsan in Kangwon Province which is now being built into an international tourist city.

It is about 120 kilometres away from Pyongyang Airport, some 75 kilometres from Wonsan Port, nearly 142 kilometres from Sariwon, the capital of North Hwanghae Province, 8 kilometres from Sinphyong county town and about 30 kilometres from Jongbong Railway Station in Singye County, the nearest railway station.

Small as it is in area, Sinphyong Kumgang is a show-stopper for the original beauty of gorges, refreshing waterfalls, clean air and diverse fauna and flora.


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