Deforestation in the DPRK

Yohnap reports on the UNDP’s 2013 Human Development Report. The report apparently mentions some statistics on the DPRK.  You can read the report here. The interface is awful.

Here is the report from Yonhap (via Global Post):

North Korea saw its forests shrink by nearly 31 percent in the past 20 years, a report by an international organization said Tuesday.

The size of forestlands in North Korea is down 30.9 percent as of 2010, compared to 1990, the 2013 Human Development Report by the United Nations Development Program said. The report ranked about 40 developing countries in terms of human development. It disclosed the North Korean data without including the country in its ranking.

The report also said that as of 2011, 8.6 percent of its animal and plant species are in danger of extinction.

The average life expectancy in North Korea is 69 while an average North Korean woman gives birth to two children in her lifetime as of last year, according to the report.

The average infant mortality rate — the number of babies who die within one year of their birth per 1,000 babies — reached 26 as of 2010 while the corresponding death rate for children under the age of five stood at 44, the report also noted.

A total of 6.6 North Koreans out of 100 used fixed-line or mobile telephone services as of 2010, according to the organization. Recent data from other sources have shown that the country with a population of about 25 million people had 660,000 mobile service subscribers in mid-2010. The number is believed to have soared to 1.5 million in late 2012.


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