Civil Cooperative Bank deposit and saving information

Previously, I posted information on the Jaeil Credit Bank in the DPRK. Today, with the help of a much-appreciated reader, I offer some hard-currency deposit and saving information from the Pyongyang Civil Cooperative Bank (민사협조은행). The interest rates and time-to-maturity intervals are identical to the Jaeil Credit Bank, however, the marketing material for the Civil Cooperative Bank does a better job of explaining the how interest payments are calculated.

Pictured above is a marketing flyer for the bank taken in Pyongyang. Below is a translation of the flyer:

Currency savings guide

보통저금 [Usual saving] 1%
정기저금(6개월) [Regular Saving (6 month)] 2.5%
정기저금(1년) [Regular Saving (1 year)] 6%
정기저금(2년) [Regular Saving (2 year)] 7%
정기저금(3년) [Regular Saving (3 year)] 7.5%
정기저금(5년) [Regular Saving (5 year)] 8%
정기저금(10년) [Regular Saving (10 year)] 9%

Civil Cooperative bank provides to its customers the best credit and financial services. It is our general policy to treat your account information as confidential and it will not be shared with the third parties.

Now a regular savings saver can withdraw their interest prior to maturity and the entire principal amount can also be withdrawn before the due date (maturity).

How to Calculate Savings interest
1. Interest of usual savings and regular savings will be calculated until the day before and if withdraw prior to maturity regular savings will also be considered as usual savings.

2. One year is 360 days and one month is calculated as 30 days.

3. If the maturity date of the regular savings passes the entire amount including the interests will be extended under the same condition.

4. If the bank changes the interest rate, the original interest rate will be applied until the date of the change and the new rate will be applied for the principal and extended.

Interest calculation and payment (if withdraw prior to maturity)
1. In case of 6 months savings 0.5% , in case of 2 years savings; until 6 months 0.5%, after that 1%, in case of a 3 years savings; until 6 months 0.5%, till 2 years 1% and in case of 5 years savings; until 6 months 0.5%, till 2 years 1%, till 3 years 1.3% and the rest 1.5%, if 10 years savings; until 6 months 0.5%, till 2 years 1%, 3 years 1.3% , 5 years 1.7% and the rest 2% of interest will be calculated and paid.

2. If customers, who already have withdraw the interest prior to maturity from the regular savings, want to withdraw the entire principal of part of it, interest will be calculated as described above with out the withdrawn interest from the principal.

Business hours: Mon-Fri 9.30 am – 5 pm


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