Chinese student experiences in the DPRK

A reader sent me a link to this Chinese-language story about Chinese student experiences in the DPRK. You can read the article in Google Translate with decent results here.

Below are several facts I pulled from the article:

1. The Chinese ambassador held meeting at the embassy to calm Chinese students after the DPRK’s nuke test, but told them to prepare for contingencies by stocking up on water and instant noodles.

2. The Chinese can go to two DPRK universities: Kim Il-sung University and Kim Hyong-jik University of Education. NOTE: Although the article does not mention it, I personally also know a Chinese person who attended the DPRK’s University of Light Industry a few years ago.

3. It is not not easy for the Chinese to make NK friends

4. Chinese students have free reign of the city.

5. Chinese students share rooms with party member families.

6. Korean students envy Chinese student posessions: computers, e-books, etc.

7. Holding hands common at North Korean universities now, however, bith control is not visibly for sale anywhere…

8. North Korean studends enjoy “adult content”

9. The story mentions a relationship between a Chinese student and a North Korean.

More information is apparently available here (in Chinese).

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2012-01-12 12:11:39


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