DPRK increased food rations in last months of 2011

According to KBS:

The Voice of America reported on Wednesday that the World Food Program said North Korean authorities distributed 375 grams of food to every citizen in December.

A spokesman for the WFP quoted a North Korean government report saying that 200 grams of food were rationed per head in July through September. But it went on to explain that the amount increased to 355 grams in October, 365 grams in November and 375 grams in December.

The North Korean government cited the fall harvest as a reason for the increased food distribution. According to the WFP, the North Korean government aims to raise rations to 380 grams per head.

The WFP distributed 35-thousand-200 tons of food to three-point-one million North Korean people in December last year.

Read the full story here:

N. Korea Increases Citizens’ Food Rations


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