DRPK deploying flares along border

According to the AFP via the Straits Times:

North Korea has tightened security along parts of its border with China as part of a growing effort to clamp down on a stream of refugees, a Seoul radio station which broadcasts to the North said on Monday.

Open Radio For North Korea said the communist state last week started laying tripwires which send flares into the air when triggered.

The devices make it easier for border patrols to catch those trying to flee their impoverished homeland, it said, citing a source in the northeastern border city of Hoeryong.

‘The authorities are planning to install the devices eventually along most border areas commonly used for defection and smuggling by North Koreans,’ its source said.

A few days ago we reported how the Chinese are boosting border security as well.

Read teh full story here:
N.Korea boosts security on China border
AFP via Straits Times


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