ROK government to leave Kaesong office unstaffed

According to KBS:

South Korea says it will not re-station personnel at the inter-Korean economic cooperation office inside the Gaeseong Industrial Complex in North Korea.

An official from the Unification Ministry in Seoul said Tuesday that the decision was made as there is no work to be done at the office.

Seoul banned inter-Korean economic cooperation and trade in May of last year as part of its retaliatory measures for Pyongyang’s sinking of South Korea’s “Cheonan” naval vessel in March.

North Korea notified the South on Monday that it plans to resume operations at the economic cooperation office in the business park.

Meanwhile, the South accepted North Korea’s proposal to reopen the Red Cross communication channel at the truce village of Panmunjeom. The ministry official said that a South Korean liaison officer will answer the phone if North Korea attempts to contact the office Wednesday morning.

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Seoul Will Not Send Officials to Gaeseong Office


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