Nuclear test no. 3?

The Japanese and South Korean media have asserted that the DPRK is potentially preparing for a third nuclear test. I have no idea if this is the case, but the North Koreans certainly want us to see them conducting activities at their test site in Kilju county. Below I have placed some pictures of the area from both Google Earth and Digital Globe (taken  at different dates) of the test site:

Tunneling Activity:

Image data: Location: 41°16’34.70″N, 129° 5’16.99″E.  Dates: 2005-2-15, 2009-10-9, 2010-10-16. The top two images are from Google Earth. The image on the bottom is from DigitalGlobe.

New Vehicles:

Image Data: Location: 41°16’41.21″N, 129° 5’14.97″E.  Date: 2010-10-16.  Source: DigitalGlobe.


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