DPRK criticizes Western aid

According to the Daily NK:

The North Korean media has released a number of articles and editorials characterizing western aid as a trap leading to plunder and subordination, while emphasizing the Military-first policy and Juche.

Pyongyang’s belligerent reinforcing of self-reliance principles comes in response to the ongoing G20 Summit in Seoul.

Rodong Shinmun, the daily publication of the Chosun Workers’ Party, asserted in an editorial on the 11th, “We should wake up to western countries’ aid diplomacy,” citing a quote attributed to Kim Jong Il, “There is no more stupid and dangerous attitude than to look forward to the imperialists’ aid while failing to see their aggressive and predatory nature. The imperialists’ aid is a trap of plundering and subordination; giving one so as to extort ten or hundred times more.”

Therefore, Rodong Shinmun claimed, “The way for developing countries to achieve social and economic progress is to throw away their reliance on foreign powers and strengthen economic and technologic cooperation between developing countries based on principles of self-revitalization.”

“In countries which thoughtlessly receive the imperialists’ deceptive aid, extreme affairs happen. In those countries, economies go into recession or go bankrupt and social and political chaos is created, while enormous wealth goes to Western powers,” it also claimed.

In another editorial, “Establishment of Juche is the Life Line for the Achievement of Independent Reunification,” the same publication went on, “The current South Chosun authorities clamored to restore their reliance on the U.S. immediately after taking office and intensified the occupation of South Chosun by the U.S.”

Meanwhile, a website managed by the North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, “Uriminjokkiri” posted an article on the same day which asserted, “Without independence, the life of the nation, the country will fail and the people become slaves. Military-first politics has allowed our people to take their autonomy back and embrace independent dignity and repute.”

In advance of the G20 Summit, President Lee Myung Bak stated in a press conference with domestic and international reporters, “Once North Korea reforms and opens, it will be able to receive development aid.”

However, in September North Korea criticized the unexpectedly small quantity of aid rice provided by South Korea through Tongil Shinbo, a weekly North Korean magazine, saying, “Even though they made a fuss about sending flood relief, when we uncovered it, it was just 5,000 tons of rice, through which we can see how narrow their mind is.”

“5,000 tons of rice is not even one day’s rice for the people of the Republic,” it added.

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Western Aid a Trap of Enslavement
Daily NK
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