South Korean families file suit against Kim Jong-il

According to KBS:

Families of South Koreans abducted by North Korea are seeking to file a complaint against North Korean leader Kim Jong-il with the South Korean prosecution for crimes against humanity.

The head of the organization of the abductees’ families said that his organization recently obtained a government document proving that North Korea abducted South Korean nationals.

He added that his organization will seek the indictment of the North Korean leader in South Korea. If that is impossible, the organization will sue the North Korean leader via the International Criminal Court.

Meanwhile, a South Korean civic organization, the Crime against Humanity Investigation Committee, sued the North Korean leader with the Hague-based International Criminal Court last month.

Established in 2002, the International Criminal Court is an independent international organization seeking to help end impunity for perpetrators of crimes against humanity. It has 111 member countries.

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Families of S.Korean Abductees to File Complaint against Kim


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