GPI September business delegation to DPRK

According to the GPI web page (PDF):

Exploring new business opportunities
European trade & investment mission to North-Korea
(11 – 18 September 2010)

Rotterdam, 29 June 2010
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, also known as North-Korea) finds itself at a new era of international economic cooperation, and it especially welcomes business with Europe. The DPRK is offering various products and services to export markets, while the country is also in need for many foreign products and investments.

In the current financial and economic situation, European companies face many challenges. They must cut costs, develop new products and find new markets.

In these fields, North-Korea is an interesting option.

It established several free trade zones to attract foreign investors and there are several sectors, including renewable energy, textile, shipbuilding, agro business, fishing, horticulture, logistics, mining, stone processing, restaurants and Information Technology, that can be considered for trade and investment. DPRK is competing with other Asian countries by offering skilled labour for very low monthly wages. In particular companies with production facilities in China, where the wages are rising fast, are currently investigating alternative options in North-Korea.

Do you want to explore new business opportunities for your company? From 11 to 18 September 2010, GPI Consultancy will organize again a trade & investment mission in order to investigate these business opportunities. This tour is open for business participants from all European countries. Note: in case this date is not convenient for you, other trade missions will take place in 2011.

Our previous economic missions to Pyongyang were informative and successful. The participants found the program, with tailor made business meetings and company visits, interesting and well-varied. In addition, there were many opportunities for informal meetings. A report of such a mission can be found at:

During our upcoming trip in September, the annual Autumn International Trade Fair in Pyongyang will be held. A visit to this interesting trade fair will be included; participation with a booth is also possible.

Business mission September 2010: short overview
Members of our business delegation will be able to discuss trade opportunities in several areas, including light industry (e.g. textiles, garments, ceramics), agribusiness, fishing, mining, energy and Information Technology / Business Process Outsourcing. We will also receive information about investment opportunities in a number of sectors, and several projects will be offered.

Taking part in a business mission is a very informative way to explore business opportunities in DPRK in detail, and to meet new potential business partners. Participation is also useful for those European companies already doing business with DPRK, since it gives them an easy option to meet their Korean trade partners personally.

Saturday 11 September: Departure of European participants to Beijing (note: departure at an earlier date is possible).

Sunday 12 September: The participants will meet; informal welcome reception and dinner at a local restaurant. Introduction to the studytour.

Monday 13 September: In the morning: visa collection at the DPRK Embassy in Beijing. Receiving Air Koryo airplane tickets. Afternoon: available for individual program. Tentative: the seminar: “Doing business with DPRK” takes place. The event, with several speakers, will address various aspects of doing business in DPRK.

Tuesday 14 September: Transport from the hotel to the airport will be provided. Departure from Beijing to Pyongyang, using the national airline Air Koryo. Upon arrival, we meet representatives of the DPRK Chamber of Commerce. Transport will be arranged to the hotel. Schedules of business meetings will be handed out to the participants, after which a welcome dinner will take place.

Wednesday 15 – Friday 17 September: In the mornings, business meetings with representatives of North-Korean companies will commence in the hotel. These meetings will be arranged, on request by the participants, by the DPRK Chamber of Commerce. In the afternoons, the delegates can visit firms in and around Pyongyang from a range of sectors, including agriculture, textiles and garments, ceramics, computer software, art, animation and cartoons.

A visit to the 6th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair is included. This fair takes place from 13 – 16 September and is organized by the Korea International Exhibition Corporation. In addition, we meet members of EBA (European Business Association): European business people working and living in DPRK.  There is also some time available for informal activities, such as a citytour in and around Pyongyang, a visit to an art gallery and the spectacular Arirang Massgame.

Saturday 18 September: In the morning, departure from Pyongyang to Beijing. Upon arrival, participants can take a connecting flight to Europe, or decide to spent more time in China.


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