RoK and Japan to step up port inspections

According to Yonhap:

South Korea is inspecting its major ports to keep North Korean products from entering its soil after Seoul banned trade with the communist state over the sinking of a warship, an official said Thursday.

The ban took effect in late May when Seoul announced that a multinational probe found Pyongyang responsible for the March 26 sinking of the 1,200 Cheonan corvette. Forty-six South Korean sailors died in the sinking for which North Korea denies any role.

According to KBS:

Japan is reportedly planning to implement on Sunday its special law on cargo inspections of ships with suspected illicit ties to North Korea.

Kyodo News reported Friday that the law allows inspections of cargo if there are suspicions that nuclear weapons or missile-related goods are being transported by ships that visit North Korea. Consent from the country to which the vessel belongs will be required for inspections of ships from a third nation.

The law passed the Japanese parliament in May 2009 after sanctions were adopted by the United Nations Security Council in response to North Korea’s nuclear tests.

The Japanese government also plans to hold joint drills in the waters off its island of Kyushu under the assumption that a North Korean-related ship appears in Japanese waters.


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