Most nations not inplementing DPRK sanctions

According ot the Reuters (via Straits Times):

More than 100 countries may not be doing enough to implement punitive actions against North Korea, said a report from a United Nations panel that monitors compliance with sanctions on the North.

The latest report to the UN Security Council from the Panel of Experts on North Korea, obtained by Reuters, said 111 of the 192 UN member states, or 58 per cent – mostly developing nations – had not submitted reports on their implementation of the council’s two sanction resolutions.

Those resolutions – adopted in 2006 and last year in response to Pyongyang’s two nuclear tests – restricted arms deals, banned trade in technology usable in nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, called for travel bans and asset freezes, and banned North Korean imports of luxury goods.

Some 30 countries submitted reports on their implementation of the first sanction resolution, No. 1718, but not the second, No. 1874.

‘Basically, what this tells us is there’s a lot more work that needs to be done to implement the North Korea sanctions,’ a Security Council diplomat said, on condition of anonymity.

Another envoy agreed: ‘Often, developing countries simply don’t have the resources to implement the sanctions properly.’ He added this created potential weak spots and openings for countries such as North Korea and Iran to skirt UN sanctions.

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6 in 10 didn’t report sanctions
Reuters (via Straits Times)


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