DPRK promotes anti-doping campaign

According to the Daily NK:



The Daily NK has obtained images from the North Korean women’s national table tennis team training facility located in the Mankyungdae-district of Pyongyang. On the bulletin board in the gymnasium, the team’s main aim is posted, “To go forth with an ideological resolve to give joy to the revered General.” The General, Kim Jong Il’s name is posted in red ink.

The notices were posted to encourage players to do their best at the World Table Tennis Championships in Moscow, which finished on the 30th.

The images, which The Daily NK received from a Chinese civilian returning from North Korea, also show a list of demands for players: to train themselves to face tense of games; to develop strategies based on a deep understanding of the opponents; to take their own serving and receiving skills one level higher; and to control their body condition so as to be able to take part in 100% of training.

On another notice, “Let’s eliminate doping,” it explained the notion of doping and emphasized, “From the social, moral and medical point of view, doping is a serious action. Let’s step forward into the anti-doping struggle knowing the dangers of doping.”

Other notices analyze North Korea’s competitors and offer ways to deal with other players, especially South Korean players Kim Kyung A, Kim Mee Young and Lee Eung Hee. The notices elaborate on these players’ special skills and their weak points.

Despite these efforts, however, the North Korean women’s table tennis team lost their clash with the South Korean team 3-0 in the first round, presumably failing to give much pleasure to the General.

See more pictures at the Daily NK.

Click here to see a satellite image of the DPRK’s table tennis facility in Pyongyang’s sports district (where the pictures were taken).

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