DPRK Business Monthly Vol. 1, No.2

Long time DPRK-watcher Paul White has published the second issue of his “DPRK Business Monthly” newsletter.  This seems to be a successor to the Korea Business Consultants newsletter.

Here is a PDF of the issue.

Topics discussed include:
DPRK ready for Shanghai Expo
DPRK Default Bonds “good buy”: Exotix
Second bridge [Dandong-Sinuiju] to link DPRK, China
China Accelerating Investment in DPRK
Russia to export flour to DPRK
US team helps DPRK build TB lab
Chinese groups to tour DPRK
DPRK rice experts assist Malaysia
Huge DPRK demand for Chinese solar lamps
DPRK helping South Africa build stadiums
Inter-Korean trade up %52.1%
WHO health project brings North, South closer
ROK to cut imports of NK sand
Pyongyang may seize ROK Kumgang assets
ROK cuts DPRK agricultural product imports
South needs to use DPRK workers: ROK Thnk tank
New law to spur coal exploitation
Special foreign trade bank sets up
Taepung concentrating on foreign investment
Kim Jong il tours vinalon factory
DPRK has its own operating system
Kim Jong il backs “cutting edge” technology
DPRK relaxes Rason Zone rules
China to develop two of DPRK’s Yalu River islands
South Pyongan Province


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