Bermudez publishes KPA Journal, Vol. 1, No.3


Joseph Bermudez, military analyst for Jane’s Intelligence Review and author of The Armed Forces of North Korea, has published the third issue of his very fascinating KPA Journal.

Click here to download the full issue (PDF)

Chapters include: KPA Engineer River Crossing Units During the Fatherland Liberation War (Part 3), The Scud B SRBM in KPA Service, A ‘Type’ KPAF Fortified SAM Base. 

Bermudez Comments in the Journal:

With this issue I’ve concluded coverage of the KPA’s engineer river crossing units during the Fatherland Liberation War. I would like to thank all the readers for their positive comments concerning this series of articles.  As I mentioned in issue No. 2 I will follow up this series with some coverage of KPA underwater bridges and bridging equipment.  Which issue they will appear in is presently uncertain.

A number of readers have asked if I will be writing anything special for the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War this June.  I haven’t yet decided upon a topic for the June issue, but would like to hear from what you the readers might be interested to see.  Readers might be interested to know that I had written a history of the KPA’s 17th Tank Division during the war and submitted it to Armor for publication with the hope that it would appear in the May-June issue.  Unfortunatley their publication  schedule is already full.  They have, however, accepted it for publication in a future issue.  When that occurrs, I will inform the readers of KPA Journal.

In response to a number of reader’s requests I will be preparing several articles, or photo essays, on KPA tanks and armored fighting vehicles. I hope to have the first in time for the next issue. 

I am making slow progress on the KPA Journal website and I hope to have it up in a month or so.  I will let the readers know when it goes live.

Finally, all readers are encouraged to share ideas of what you would like to see in future issues of KPA Journal.  As always I would like to thank you all for your encouragement and support.

You can download previous issues of KPA Journal here.


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