Malaysian farmers adopt DPRK agriculture technology

According to Bernama (Malyasia):

Farmers in Pahang will soon be able to use North Korean technology to commercially grow paddy, after an alliance was formed between North Korea and Syarikat Sungai Duri Plantations Sdn Bhd.

Sungai Duri Plantations managing director Datuk Normala A. Kahar said the technology acquired from North Korea was used countries like China, Uganda, Angola and the Philippines successfully.

Normala said five experts from North Korea who would be involved in a project that covers an area of 263 hectares in Sungai Pelak, Pekan, would conduct a study and research to help soil enrichment and identify pest that can be a problem to the growth of paddy.

She added that an area of 60 hectares in Mambang, Pekan had already been planted with the MR219 type of seeds produced by Mardi and would be ready for harvest in May.

“The results have been very encouraging and we are optimistic that the project will be a success,” she told reporters after sealing an agreement with the North Korean government here on Thursday.

Normala said through the technology, farmers can reap up to seven tonnes of paddy per hectare a season.

Malaysia has an interesting relationship with the DPRK.  I have been told that Malaysia does not require entry visas for North Koreans.  If this is not true, please let me know.  There are also a couple of North Korean restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.  Finally, the Mansudae Overseas Projets Group built the Rice Museum (“Muzium Padi” located here) in northern Malaysia.

Pahang is here.


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