US sanctions more DPRK organizations

According to Reuters (via the New York Times):

The United States moved on Tuesday to freeze the assets of two North Korean entities believed to be involved in atomic and missile programs, raising pressure on Pyongyang to resume disarmament talks.

Despite a recent charm offensive by North Korea, the State Department moved against its General Bureau of Atomic Energy, which oversees the nuclear program, and Korea Tangun Trading Corp, believed to support its missile programs.

Both were targeted under a presidential executive order that allows the White House to freeze the U.S. assets of people and entities suspected of developing weapons of mass destruction or the means to deliver them, including missiles.

“These designations continue U.S. efforts to prevent North Korean entities of proliferation concern from accessing financial and commercial markets that could aid the regime’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles capable of delivering them,” the State Department said in a statement.

The action requires U.S. individuals, banks and other institutions to block the assets of the North Korean entities.

It was unclear whether either actually had any assets under U.S. jurisdiction but American officials said Washington hoped the move would discourage other countries from doing business with North Korea.

“Are we hoping for a spillover effect? Of course,” said one U.S. official.

These two organizations were targeted by the UNSC earlier this year.

Here is information and (links to information) taken by the US and UN in 2009.

Read the full story here:
U.S. Acts to Freeze Assets Of Two N.Korean Entities
Reuters (via New York Times)


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