South Africa hosts DPRK gun show?

According to Reuters:

South Africa’s arms control body has authorised an arms exhibit for North Korea and the possible sale of weapons to Iran, Syria and Libya which should be investigated, the main opposition party said on Tuesday.

The Democratic Alliance said a number of “dodgy” deals had “slipped through the cracks” when South Africa’s National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) last met in 2008.

David Maynier, a Democratic Alliance MP and shadow defence minister, said the NCACC had authorised a marketing permit for a South African-based company in the past three years to demonstrate and exhibit military support equipment for North Korea.

“The military support equipment was radar warning receivers used on antennae for submarines,” he told Reuters. Maynier declined to name the company but said it had exhibited the equipment “within the last three years”.

The NCACC was set up in 1995 to ensure arms trade and transfer policies conformed to internationally-accepted practices.

Maynier urged South African Justice Minister Jeff Radebe, the new head of the NCACC, to urgently investigate the alleged arms transactions with North Korea and other states.

Neither Radebe’s spokesman nor the official government spokesman were immediately available for comment.

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South Africa arms body allows North Korea exhibit


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