Mass Games to be repeated in fall 2009

According to a recent email from Koryo Tours, the DPRK plans to repeat the Arirang Mass Games performance in August-September (and possibly October). According to the email:

We have been informed by our partners in Pyongyang that they fully expect the Mass Games of 2009 to go ahead during the period of August to September (and possibly on into October as usually happens), this news is not totally confirmed (we will keep you updated) but we have full confidence that the event will take place and as a result are scheduling tours to witness this spectacular performance in the May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea.

For those of you who have travelled with us before do drop us a line as we can arrange a ‘second timers’ tour to include new tour sites. During the Mass Games period we have trips to the east cost (North Korea’s Costa del Sol) and to Mount Paekdu and Mount Chilbo.
American tourists will also be welcome in North Korea at this time of the year (US citizens can only obtain tourist visas when the Mass Games are on) and so as usual we have designed a full range of tours specifically for Americans. As with previous years the DPRK will likely enforce a time limit on US tours of 4 nights and also restrict American tourists to only enter and depart the country by plane, if however the opportunity to stay longer and to take the international train arises we will of course alter our tours to allow that option to be taken by anyone who wants it.

If you are interested in touring the DPRK this summer, visit the Koryo Tours web site here.  They also offer a tour of Turkmensitan which is worthwhile!


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