DPRK competes in International Mathematical Olympics

UPDATE: I know all of you were wondering how the DPRK fared in the 2008 International Mathematical Olympics!  It is certainly the most under-reported story of the year!

North Korea improved over last year’s performance to capture 7th placeThe team’s individual results can be found hereUn Song Ri led his team to victory scoring a 97.94% and capturing 12th place individually.

Scoring ahead of the DPRK: China (PRC), Russia, USA, Republic of Korea, Iran, Thailand. 

ORIGINAL POST: I was perusing the Korean Friendship Association web site this morning, and noticed this post:

Author: Alejandro Cao De Benos
Subject: International Mathematic Olympics

A Delegation of 6 DPRK students (16 to 19 y.o.) and 2 professors from KIM IL SUNG University and Pyongyang Middle School Number 1, are now in Madrid to participate in the International Mathematic Olympics.

On 15th will be the opening ceremony, 16th and 17th the exams. 21st will be the closing ceremony. (100 countries participate)

After the exams, they are invited by the organizing Committee to tour Madrid city center, Aranjuez, Toledo, Salamanca and enjoy typical Flamenco dance.

I just said goodbye to them after sharing 5 days in the capital. They are studying day and night, eager to get the best marks in the competition.

Ri dongji, best of success for all the team!!

This competition originates in the former USSR and Warsaw Pact countries.  Some quick background info can be found on the competition’s Wikipedia site and official site.

Here are the annual results (grouped by country) since the competition started in 1959.  Of all these years, the DPRK (PRK) only competed in 2007-Hanoi (8th place – see team results here), 1992-Moscow (16th place – team results here), 1991-Sweden (Disqualified – the only team ever disqualified.  Not sure why—anyone out there know?), and 1990-Beijing (19th place – team results here).  Here are the results for all the individuals who have competed on the DPRK team.

Here is where the 2008 team’s results will be posted.  The web page gives a contact name (Ham Yong Chol) and email address.  Some enterprising journalist out there should try to get a story.  


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