DPRK food prices falling?

The Daily NK reports food prices are falling in North Korea on news that international aid is due to arrive—proving that although the politics might not make much sense, the economic actors are rational: 

The price of rice in Pyongyang ha[d] risen to 3,000 won per 1kg, but since late May, the high-quality polished rice has been around 2,500 won, the medium quality rice around 2,400 won and unpolished brown rice around 2,300 won. Wild rice imported from Northeast Asia has been around 2,300 won. [Which was the price in April].

The price of corn is still around 1,500 won. Rice is not lacking in the jangmadang [markets], but corn has been. The reason for that is that last year, there was a rumor that planting soy and making tofu is lucrative, so everyone planted soy instead of corn.”

UPDATE: The article does not suggest that the food situation is getting better.  People are also economizing their consumption which mutes demand to some degree (eating two meals a day for instance). 

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