More dam construction…

The Donga Ilbo reports that the DPRK going to supply water to the the Kaesong Industrial Complex by diverting it from a river that flows into South Korea:

North Korea is confirmed to be trapping water behind the walls of the Hwang River Dam in the upper stream of the Imjin River, something which will lead to a water shortage in certain parts of South Korea.  

The multi-purpose dam has a water storage capacity of 300 million to 400 million tons, much more than that of the Hantan River Dam (270 million tons), the Paldang Dam (244 million tons) and the Cheongpyeong Dam (180 million tons).

North Korea is expected to supply water for industry and drinking to the Gaesong Industrial Complex from the Hwang River Dam via the Ryesong River.

North Korea can directly control 420 million to 520 million tons of water with the Hwang River Dam in addition to its fourth “April 5 Dam,” which can store 30 million tons of water in the upper stream of the Imjin River.

The (South) Korea Water Resources Corp. said, “When North Korea suddenly traps or discharges water, South Korea cannot respond to such actions with just the Gunnam Flood Control Dam and the Hantan River Dam.”

Rad the full article here:
N.Korean Dam to Cause Water Shortage in S.Korea
Donga Ilbo


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