Pueblo television upgrade

I have just been watching the VICE Guide to North Korea on VBS.tv.  I am not easily impressed with footage filmed in North Korea because, frankly, I have seen a lot of it.  Still, every now and then you catch something fairly obscure which makes the time spent watching it worthwhile. 

The guys who filmed the video had the same guide as me, Mr. Lee, which means they were traveling under the auspices of the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.  They have also gotten other journalists in as well (See here). Note to all the journalists out there.

Another thing I noticed was that the DPRK has made investments in upgrading their tourism facilities…even on the USS Pueblo.

pueblo2.jpg pueblo.JPG

In 2004, the Pueblo propaganda movie was shown on a traditional cathode television.  In 2007 it seems they have upgraded to a flat screen.  The ‘paean‘ of television technology.


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