North Korea says Typhoon Wipha destroyed 107,910 hectares of crop field


Heavy rains caused by last week’s typhoon have destroyed some 107,910 hectares of crop field in North Korea, the country’s state media reported Monday.

Many parts of southwestern North Korea, including its capital Pyongyang, were flooded, leaving at least 14,000 homes and 8,000 buildings submerged or damaged from rains spawned by Typhoon Wipha, the North’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said. However, it didn’t report on possible human casualties.

Last month, North Korea was hit by its heaviest rainfall in 40 years, leaving some 600 people dead or missing and about 100,000 people homeless.

“Many parts of road destroyed in August were repaired in a short time, but some 90 bridges and roads were buried or destroyed again by heavy rains last week,” KCNA said.

In the southwestern part of North Korea such as South Hwanghae, North Hwanghae, South Pyongan provinces and Pyongyang, the total rain from Sept. 18-21 averaged between 250 millimeters and 470 millimeters, KCNA reported.

The floods in August damaged some 200,000 hectares of farmland in North Korea, according to KCNA report on Aug. 26.


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