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Han Young Jin

Distribution with “Korea” Trademark…”Rice Cookers Popular”

In the North Korean jangmadang (market), South Korean products are drawing huge popularity among citizens and are publicly being sold, relayed an internal source on the 30th.

The source said, “In the Pyongyang, Shinuiju, Hamheung, Chungjin, and other large-scale jangmadangs, South Korean products with the “Made in Korea” label is fairly popular among wealthy people.”

In the past, South Korean products were secretly sold in the North Korean market. When selling South Korean products, we sold them after removing the product label, “Made in Korea.” However, recently, only products with the label are recognized as South Korean products of good quality and sold at a high price.

The source added, “‘Made in Korea’ lends credibility to the people. Without this, people do not believe that the product is a Korean-made good. The label has to be there because Chinese products are disguised as South Korean goods.”

The South Korean product which is most sold in North Korea is the electric rice-cooker (Cuckoo), instantaneous water heaters, cosmetics, aromatics, computers, toothpaste, medical goods and a variety of sweets. Also, North Korean citizens have a lot of confidence in South Korean medicine. South Korean-made medicine or sweets are not discarded even after the expiration date.

He said, “Because Chinese-made products are no good, people who have money usually used Japanese products. In the place where Japanese products became rare, Korean-made products are now occupying that place.”

In Dandong, China, Kim Chi Duk (pseudonym), who is engaging in North Korea-Chinese trade met with the reporter and retorted, “Currently in Chosun (North Korea), Japanese-made products are still counted as number 1. Then there are South Korean-made products, then Chinese-made products. Poor people, even when the quality is lower, use Chinese-made products and those with money use South Korean products or Japanese-made products. What is the issue if one is buying with his or her money?”

He said, “Those with some amount of money use at least one or two South Korean products.”

The source relayed, “Currently in the Shinuiju market, South Korean toothpaste is 5,000 won (USD1.85), 1 set of aromatics (machinery and 2 bottles of gas) is 30,000 won (USD11.1), and one pack of Time cigarettes (tax-exempt) 3,000 won.” However, “Time,” a kind of South Korean cigarettes are counterfeit goods made in China, so is offered at a cheaper price than their domestic price.

Mr. Kim said, “Those who trade in North Korea request for South Korean-made goods, but I do not know whether they plan to export them or to use them. The authorities do not allow American-made goods, but is there anyone who doesn’t like the dollar? If it is not a big issue, they use everything.”


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