Business leaders vying for chance to go North

Joong Ang Daily
Lee Min-a

Plenty of corporate leaders came along for the last inter-Korean summit, and the jockeying for which leaders will be selected this time has begun.

The Blue House said yesterday that it is looking for people who could play a substantial role in boosting North Korea’s economy.

“We don’t have any rule that says to exclude corporate leaders who went to Pyongyang last time, but we are hoping the new list will, if possible, first be filled with people who are already involved in North Korean businesses or who can play a substantial role in making investments there,” said Cheon Ho Seon, the Blue House spokesman.

About 200 people are expected to be in the entourage, up from 180 last time. The number of business leaders is expected to grow, too.

In 2000, corporate leaders going to Pyongyang included LG head Koo Bon-moo, then-SK head Son Kil-seung, late Hyundai chairman Chung Mong-hun, Samsung vice head Yun Jong-yong, then-Kohap head Chang Chi-hyeok and Rinnai Korea head Kang Sung-mo.

The Blue House is planning to invite corporate leaders to a financial seminar this week to discuss ways to help the North.


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